Description of project team

Expert for Brazil


Dr Amaral has extensive and proven record of successful engagement at the WTO, bilateral trade negotiations and domestic trade policy market access. Holds a PhD in international trade law from Maastricht University and the title of Doctor of Laws from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. Renata is currently the Director of International Trade at BMJ & Associates. She is a guest lecturer in postgraduate courses in international trade and business in Brazil, a guest researcher at the Institute for Globalization and International Regulation (IGIR) at the University of Maastricht, and a Visiting Scholar at the Washington College of Law at American University.

Expert for Brazil

Dr. Luiz Eduardo SALLES

Dr Salles is a Brazilian lawyer specialized in international trade. He has more than a decade of professional and research experience in trade policy and counsel, both within Brazil and internationally. Dr Salles is partner at Azevedo Sette Advogados, a leading Brazilian law firm. He provides practical and legal assistance to exporters on exposure to Brazilian trade barriers, including tariffs and anti-dumping and other trade remedy measures, import licenses and regulatory measures, such as technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures. He has successfully represented EU-based companies in anti-dumping and other trade remedy investigations.

Expert for Brazil


Mr Brogini has been working with international trade law and Brazilian foreign trade since 2001. During his period, he has acted as a consultant – to both Brazilian and foreign companies –, as a professor in Brazilian universities, and also as a researcher. He holds a Masters’ Degree in International Law from the Law School of the University of São Paulo (USP).  He has extensive experience in dealing with WTO and international trade-related issues, notably trade defence. He also has deep knowledge of Brazilian bodies that are responsible for implementing the WTO agreements in Brazil, including the corresponding legislative and regulatory framework.

Project Director

Dr. Arthur Appleton

Dr Arthur E Appleton divides his practice between international trade and investment law and international arbitration. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of international trade (GATT/WTO) law. He focuses on trade questions concerning investment (BITs and the TRIMs agreement), dispute settlement, technical regulations and standards (TBT Agreement), health and sanitary measures (SPS Agreement), intellectual property (TRIPS agreement), accessions and environment (including climate change) as well as questions concerning regional trade agreements. Dr Appleton has experience in Latin America, in particular in Brazil, and provides technical advice to the Brazil team.

Deputy Project director

Dr. David Luff

Dr David Luff has been practising international trade and investment law at both EC and international levels for twenty-four years. He advised private multinational companies and governments in trade-related matters in the sectors of financial services, postal and telecommunications services, renewable energy, diamonds, textiles and clothing, steel, aluminium, drilling material, chemicals, sugar, bananas, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. He also regularly advises governments and economic operators on WTO implementation, trade negotiations, supply chain strategies, and investment issues. His work brought him to more than eighty countries and has extensive experience of developing countries.

Project Manager

Victòria Errea

Victòria has more than 10 years of profesional experience in managing international projects in several countries. She also works on the preparation of technical offers for open tenders and calls for grants, building international partnerships of both public sector entities and companies (EU, WB programs and other international tenders), and specializes in European policies and programs and in the design and implementation of projects. She also drafts strategic documents for public administration and private entities.

Senior Expert


Dr. Cuellar has 22 years of professional experience in international trade, Colombian trade and investment framework. She acquired this expertise, among others, at the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, the Office of the High Counsellor for the Private Sector and Competitiveness, the DIAN and Bancoldex - Productive Transformation Program.

She has deep knowledge of Colombia’s FTAs gained through participation as a head negotiator of different Trade Agreements signed by Colombia (including the Free Trade with United States and European Union).

Neyibia holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from University Externado of Colombia, with Specialization in Economic Law. Furthermore, she has over 6 years of experience as an adjunct professor in areas such as international trade, GATS and WTO regime and Free Trade Agreements from Colombia.

Team Leader


Dr. Lozada has a Master’s Degree in Law and the Global Economy from New York University (NYU). He also holds a second Master’s Degree in International and Comparative Law from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Nicolas has 10 years of professional experience in international and Colombian trade law and regulations both in the private and public sectors. He also has over 10 years of academic career on international trade law, lecturing on WTO regime in one of the leading law schools in Latin America.

Dr. Lozada has strong knowledge of WTO dispute settlement and procedural aspects of intergovernmental disputes involving customs valuation and aircraft subsidies, as well as OECD-related issued, experience acquired as an advisor for the Minister of Justice and working at the Ministry of Trade and The World Trade Organization.

Junior Expert

Dr. Pilar V. CERÓN Z.

Dr. Cerón is an International Business Consultant and professor of universities in Panama, Colombia and Miami in topics related to International Business and Foreign Investment.

Pilar holds a Master’s degree in law at University College London (UCL). Furthermore, she has over 10 years of experience in Corporate Affairs, Business Development, Managing External Relations and Monitoring Legislative and Trade Instruments.

Moreover, Dr. Cerón has experienced in liaising with the private and public sectors and several multilateral organizations on trade and development issues such as the U.S Chamber of Commerce, UNCTAD, the WTO, IFC and the World Bank, among others

Pilar was part of negotiating Bilateral Investment Agreements for Colombia with France, India, United Kingdom, Peru and China, and two FTA investment chapters with the European Union and Canada.



Project Consortium

Appleton Luff’s prime specialisation is international trade law, at national, regional and multilateral levels.  The Firm advises governments and businesses on both defensive and offensive trade strategies. Its expertise covers all WTO-related areas, such as customs legislation (including rules of origin), trade remedies, agricultural policies, non-tariff barriers to trade (including technical regulations, standards and sanitary and phytosanitary measures), subsidies, trade in services, trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights and dispute settlement.

Firm members have unique experience in:

  • advising nations on negotiating strategies before multilateral fora, such as the WTO, or at bilateral or plurilateral levels;
  • assisting governments and private companies in the assessment of the compatibility of domestic laws with WTO agreements and applicable bilateral or regional agreements;
  • engineering domestic regulations and commercial relations to take advantage of current international trade rules;
  • litigating before international jurisdictions and
  • conducting market access actions for clients.

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