By providing tailored information, we support European companies interested in investing in or exporting to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru.


Why does ELANBiz supports my business?

ELANBiz is a project funded by the European Union that seeks to increase and diversify the European economic presence in Latin America by providing updated and comprehensive information services to European companies and organisations interested in doing business in strategic Latin American countries.


How does ELANBiz supports my business?


Why should I register in ELANBiz?

  • Offers information on Access requirements for goods and services
  • Links your company directly with our Experts
  • Provides updated information on EU trade agreements
  • Delivers information on sector of goods and services: market access and regulatory frameworks at national and regional level
  • Facilitates updated content, prepared by expert and project partners: Member States, Eurocámaras and Bilateral chambers.


We work in close cooperation with the Eurocámaras and the Bilateral chamber network

Eurocámara Argentina
Eurocámara Brazil
Eurocámara Chile
Eurocámara Colombia
Eurocámara Costa Rica
Eurocámara Mexico
Eurocámara Peru


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