Peru hosts the largest mining convention of the world: PERUMIN 33rd MINING CONVENTION

More than 125,000 businessmen and mining professionals from more than 50 countries!

The event, that has positioned Peru as the world mining industry meeting point, will take place from September 18th to the 22nd. PERUMIN 33rd MINING CONVENTION will have an area of ​​10.7 hectares for the construction and installation of conference rooms and the Mining Exhibition (Extemin), which will hold more than 800 national and international companies, of more than 70 industrial and commercial stands.

This event will have the opportunity to highlight the socio-environmental side, as well as the technical side of the mining industry. Therefore, its motto is “Mining: sustainability and competitiveness”. These two strategic axes complement each other perfectly and represent the ideals of the new mining industry.

This year PERUMIN 33rd MINING CONVENTION will host 8 meetings led by experts linked to the mining sector:

  • Business Summit Mining: a space where, with the active participation of the main authorities, entrepreneurs and experts, will define the most important issues of the national and international agenda and analyse state of art industries, markets, projects and the environment in which they are developed. The summit will consider the future and emphasis on the challenge of being competitive and at the same time a sustainable industry.
  • Meeting of Technology and Innovation: the core of PERUMIN, presents more than 313 technical investigations documents (papers) competing for the National Mining Prize.
  • Logistic Summit;
  • Environmental Summit;
  • Social Summit;
  • Legal and Tributary Summit,
  • International Summit;
  • Summit of Integration.

The Mining Technological Exhibition (EXTEMIN)

EXTEMIN will hold more than 1600 stands of 15 different countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, The United States, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom and Sweden.

The last editions of Perumin MINING CONVENTION have been a success. The convention has become one of the main references for mining innovation in the region.

Undoubtedly, this event is an excellent opportunity for Peru to demonstrate that mining contributes to the country and for the European companies it will be a perfect place to do business related to the mining sector.

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