Increasing demand of ELANBiz services from firms from Central and Eastern Europe

Lodz, November 29th, “Investors and Exporters Forum: our ELANBiz Expert Javier Sanchez completed 12 months of intensive promotion activities across Central and Eastern Europe. This was the last of the 22 event-series supported by ELANBiz since December 2016. In fact, this was the third time ELANBiz visited Poland: first in March, in an event organized in Warsaw by PAIH, followed by a number of meetings with business organizations and firms in Gdansk, Poznan and Krakow in May. The other countries visited during the last months by the ELANBiz team are Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

These activities are part of the strategy developed by the ELANBiz team to target firms and business organizations from EU Member States that have “limited trade representation in Latin America”, i.e. EU countries that have few or none trade promotion offices, Consulates or even Embassies in Latin America. Indeed, for cultural, economic, political, geographical or historical reasons, several EU Member States do not have trade representatives nor chambers of commerce in most of the Latin American countries covered by ELANBiz.  As a result, firms from those countries face specific barriers when trying to obtain tailored information or doing businesses in the region.

Aware of those challenges, the ELANBiz team is intent on ensuring uniform access to market access information about Latin America for ALL EU companies, regardless of their Member State of origin. With this aim, an ad hoc outreach strategy targeting those countries was launched in October 2016. This strategy aims to both promote business opportunities in Latin America (“bring Latin America closer”) and disseminate the ELANBiz services among firms and business organizations.

After twelve months of intense traveling across Central and Eastern Europe, around 1.000 firms and business organizations have directly received information about business opportunities in Latin America and have been introduced to the ELANBiz services. Many of them have started using the ELANBiz services, and as the following chart shows, over 500 questions from firms from those Member States have been sent through the “Ask the Expert” helpline and answered by our experts in Latin America (more than 30% of the 1.610 questions received since the helpline was launched).

For the next year, new activities targeting firms from these EU Member States will be organized or supported by the ELANBiz team. Until then, Merry Christmas for everybody from the ELANBiz team.

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