We are a network of Experts that provides market access information to European companies wishing to export or invest in seven Latin American countries:



Through our virtual platform, the European SMEs can increase their knowledge to access to these strategic markets.

The virtual platform has historical information on each of these markets and currently operates with a focus on Brazil and Colombia.

ELANBiz is a component of ELAN Program, a European Union initiative that seeks to increase and diversify the European economic presence in Latin America. ELAN Network is the other component of ELAN Program, whose main purpose is to generate technology-based business opportunities between European and Latin America SMEs.



Free and unlimited services on Latin American market access for European companies and organisations:



We work in close cooperation with the "Eurocámaras" and the Bilateral chamber network in ELANBiz countries

Eurocámara Argentina
Eurocámara Brazil
Eurocámara Chile
Eurocámara Colombia
Eurocámara Costa Rica
Eurocámara Mexico
Eurocámara Peru

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The Ask the Expert service puts your company in direct contact with an Expert in market access requirements. The Expert will answer you in maximum 5 working days, free of charge.

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