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This service is available to EU SMEs and EU intermediary business organizations who seek to export or invest in the seven Latin American countries covered by the ELAN program. Our aim is to provide with summarized updated and practical information that may help you to improve your access to these markets and overcome the most common obstacles faced by EU SMEs. Indeed our service is complementary to those offered by the EU Business Services providers present in the ELAN countries.

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Within 3 to 5 WORKING DAYS, our experts will send you a tailored Answer for the issues which are pertinent for the service.

This include a wide range of issues, except business promotion, which are covered by the Member States and bilateral Chambers, and Intellectual Property Right (IPR) which is exhaustively covered by the IPR Helpdesk.

  • For trade promotion: (such as finding importers, organizing events and business missions among others), please find your National and other EU Business providers in the platform.

  • For specific IPR issues, please contact directly the IPR Helpdesk, programme of the European Commission.

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