Solar energy: the next promising sector in Brazil

Solar energy should be the new sector of opportunities in Brazil in the coming months. The Brazilian Association of Solar Energy (Absolar) foresees a national potential in photovoltaic plants for 2017, the year in which solar parks contracted in an auction held in August 2015 would take shape, attracting large international groups. However, it´s clear the importance of reducing taxes to attract solar energy equipment manufacturers. The credit must be assured by the main national development bank in Brazil, BNDES, by financing the construction of solar energy equipment manufacturers. The main events of the sector in Brazil, Enersolar and Ecoenergy, Trade fair, Congress of Clean, and Renewable Technologies for the Generation of Energy, taking place on 23-25 May 2017, will show all the potential in Brazil for European investors and manufacturers of the segments of Solar Energy, Wind, Biomass, GTDC and the like.


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