New regulation on labelling and advertising of milk and dairy products in Peru

The “Decreto Supremo N° 007-2017-MINAGRI”, published on June 30, establishes new labelling rules and restrictions on the advertising of milk and dairy products for human consumption. It will come in force in the next six months.

What does the new regulation require?

Labels must show the name of the product reflecting its real nature and without creating confusion or misleading on the consumer, as well as the list of ingredients and the instructions of consumption in accordance with national legislation.

Key definitions of the new regulation:

  • Milk: normal mammary secretion of dairy animals, without any addition or extraction, intended for consumption in the shape of liquid milk or subsequent processing.
  • Dairy product: products obtained by means of any processing of milk, which may contain food additives and other ingredients functionally necessary for the production.
  • Composite milk mixtures: products that do not have specific Codex Alimentarius norms or are not included in the General Standard for the Use of Dairy Terms, where the milk or dairy product is an essential ingredient in quantitative terms (more than 60%), and other non-dairy ingredients are included to partially replace the constituents of milk.

In accordance with the regulation, it is forbidden:

  • The addition to milk of inputs of vegetable origin and dairy products in all the stages of the production chain with the exception of the ones that the Codex Alimentarius establishes.
  • The addition of inputs, food additives, nutrients and micronutrients, with expiration date prior to that of the finished product.
  • The use in cattle of products or antimicrobial substances that are used as therapeutic in human medicine.

Important Information:

  • The new regulation applies to domestic and imported milk and dairy products intended for human consumption.
  • It will enter into force in the next six months, and during this term companies will have to adapt to the new regulation.
  • The new regulation also contains provisions on the sanitary conditions of the facilities for the producers, describes equipment and tools used in the processes related to the production of this type of products, mentions good practices of manufacture, handling or manipulation. It also provides guidelines for the industrial production process, product packaging, storage, transport and distribution, among others.

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