More business opportunities in Renewable Energies in Argentina

Argentina estimates that 20 GW of new capacities will be required over the next decade, corresponding to a total investment of US$36bn in power generation and transmission projects. Nearly half of this amount (US$15bn) will be directed to renewable projects.

In the second semester of 2017 it is estimated that Round 2 of the Government’s RenovAr programme will offer bidding for 1.5 to 2 gigawatts of Renewable Energy.

Round 2 follows the previous Rounds 1 and 1.5 of RenovAr. Round 1 in October 2016 offered power purchase agreements (PPAs) for 1 GW of renewable power projects, including 600 MW of wind, 300 MW of solar, 65 MW of biomass, 15 MW of biogas and 20 MW of small hydropower capacity.

17 projects representing 1,109 MW were awarded: 12 wind projects (708 MW), 4 solar projects and one 1 MW biogas project. The average price was US$59.4/MWh for wind (from US$49.1/MWh to US$67.2/MWh), US$59.7/MWh for solar and US$118/MWh for biogas.

RenovAr’s Ronda 1.5 in November 2016 awarded 1,281.5 MW of renewable energy capacity. A total of 30 projects were selected, including 10 wind projects, of 765.4 MW of capacity and 20 solar schemes, with a total 516.2 MW. Average price was USD 54 per MWh, while the lowest price was USD 46 per MWh.

The Agency for Investment and International Trade for Argentina offers customized assistance for investment projects in renewable energies.

Partnerships. In regards to searching for local partnerships, the Argentine Wind Cluster may be a possibility. In January 2012, it was created by the Chamber of Industrial Projects and Capital Goods Engineering (CIPIBIC).  An industrial cluster of wind energy companies, the Eolic Cluster. It includes 32 companies, including IMPSA, INVAP S.E. y NRG Patagonia SA.

For other clustering initiatives, it is possible to contact the Argentine Chamber of Renewable Energies -CADER-. For biomass specifically, the Argentine German Chamber.

A EU funded project, ELAN Network, fosters technology agreements between European and Argentine companies.

A background on renewable energies can be obtained from the ELANBiz Argentina Infocard on Wind Energy.



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