European products will soon benefit from new sanitary and technical import procedures in Peru

New laws eliminate sanitary registration for industrialize foodstuff products and withdraw Customs from the supervision of labels affixed on manufactured industrial products for final use or consumption, resulting in an important import procedure improvement.

Sanitary Registration for foodstuff

For importers of products subject to compulsory sanitary registration, the picture changes substantially. In an operative way, only the sanitary certificate issued by the sanitary authority of the country of origin or the certificate of free sale (circulation) to bring food for human consumption will be required.

In the case of aquaculture or fishing sanitary registration in mandatory, the National Sanitary Fisheries Agency (Sanipes) will be in charge of providing 'sanitary habilitation', to the companies: health protocol plan, with sanitary principles of hygiene, Good Practices and HACCP. In this case, a sanitary prior evaluation will be requested, given the risk of safety compared to other foods.

Labelling controls during customs supervision is cancelled

The verification of labelling will be in the point of sale of products and no longer during customs clearance for products aimed to be imported.

The requirements and labelling conditions remain in force. The difference is that the previous rule established that the productions should already arrive to the country labelled (labelling in the country of origin) or label the products before clearing it. The new legislation allows labelled the products in an establishment in the Peru, before its commercialization.

It is therefore expected that with these changes a reduction in the final prices of these imported goods will be rapidly experienced. In the past, the importers incurred in additional costs while Customs detected errors in their labels.

Both Legislative Decree N° 1304 and N° 1290 will come into force once the corresponding regulations are published.


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