Eurocámaras in ELANBiz countries

ELANBiz initiated the itinerant workshop that aims to "strengthen the Eurocámaras in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru" with important results.

The international consultant Lidia García, together with ELANBiz experts, organized a theoretical and practical workshop with the participation of representatives of Bilateral chambers of ELANBiz countries.

The itinerant workshop had an important success in Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile. The last phase will be held in Mexico on the 20 to 21 June. The participants of each of the workshops, have been able to deepen their knowledge on the funding opportunities of the European Union, of interest for Eurocámaras.

Representatives of the European Union Delegation- EU DEL – that assist in most of the countries took the opportunity to emphasize on the consolidation of the national Eurocámaras. "The aim of the Eurocámara is to become an interlocutor on behalf of European industry," said Felipe Palacios Sureda, head of the Cooperation section of the EU DEL in Peru.

"At the moment, the Bilateral chambers are beginning to understand the added value that they can benefit from accessing through an European chamber and we are in the process where they are being constituted as a European chamber to become a fundamental interlocutor," Felipe Palacios Sureda emphasized in the itinerant workshop in Peru.

In the European month, Uli Wienrich, head of the Economic and Trade Department of the EU DEL in Chile, recalled at the opening of the workshop that "In the current context, where many question the European integration, initiatives such as the Eurocámaras are always important”. Also Christoph Saurenbach, head of the Commercial section of the EU DEL in Colombia, mentioned at the end of the itinerant workshop that "It is important that there is an exchange between Eurocámaras. As you know we are interested in strengthening them, it is always easier to have a very important partner, a point of contact".

The participants of the itinerant Workshop from the Bilateral chambers were satisfied and motivated to be part of the process of consolidation of Eurocámaras in the ELANBiz countries.

According to Lidia García, "Eurocámaras are now prepared to assume their role as private sector partners in Latin America, although they still need the support of the European Union in order to start developing this key role. The work done so far by the ELANBiz project is fundamental, but it is still necessary to accompany them in the planning of their future activities”.



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